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16 Players are entering blizzcon for the WCS Global Finals on October 27th. 8 Zerg players are competing for the title of champion, 3 from the Korean WCS side and 5 from the foreign WCS Circuit.

Rogue and Dark are two Zergs to watch out for, they have both had great results recently. Dark has had two 3-4th place finishes during GSL season 3 and the GSL super tournament, also with a second place finish at SSL Premier Season 2. Dark is looking to turn his stream of 2nd-4th place finishes this year into a trophy. While Rogue has been at the top of the ladder for the last half of the year with two event victories at GSL Super tournament 2 and IEM Shanghai he is looking to grab a third trophy for the year.

soO is the third competing Korean Zerg. His year started off great with two second place finishes at GSL S1 and GSL S2. His tournament results have dropped off since then with underwhelming performances at SSL, GSL S3 and GSL ST 1 and 2. He is looking to get back to where he was earlier in the season and finally claim a long awaited first place.

The five WCS Circuit Zergs, Elazer, Serral, Snute, Nerchio and TRUE all had mediocre performing years. Elazer had the best performance by taking WCS Valencia and was able to crack GSL qualifiers to be eliminated in the Ro.32. Snute had two second place finishes at WCS circuit events this year falling to the aforementioned Elazer as well as the unstoppable Neeb. Serral, Nerchio and TRUE have had OK years but none have had a breakout performance. Now that Serral has reached the top of the Korean ladder, he may be the foreign Zerg that outperforms.

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