Schedule and Upcoming Content

This post is to just go over some of the upcoming blog posts planned for the website and content that will be made.

I am going to be doing a series of posts doing a spotlight on each Zerg unit, how they are commonly used and what they are strong at as well as what they are weak against and general statistics etc. Once all of the Zerg units are done, I will replace this with an undetermined series of articles.

Once I have covered all of the build orders that I want to be covered for the current meta, I will only be adding build orders as they are used at the professional level and are new to the meta. They will be replaced once that is finished (likely with more miscellaneous analysis/articles)

Here is the link to submit replays for analysis, I will be doing 0-1 per week depending on submissions.

Note I will be posting the replay in the blog as a showcase of the match, only submit a replay if you are OK with it being posted on the blog.

I am trying to write ~5 articles per week as I have time for them. They will likely be written is bursts with 2-3 one day and 2-3 another day with any extras being added if I have extra time that week. The articles written will mostly be just the ones I felt like writing that day, or depending on what is happening in the scene will be related to that (for example when gsl is running more build orders will likely be posted).

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