Blizzcon 2017 Dark’s Macro Ling Bane Pressure ZvZ

Professional Vod

Dark vs Elazer WCS Global Finals 2017 Game 2 Abyssal Reef

Here is the link to the twitch vod

Vod Analysis


Dark uses this build to apply pressure to Elazer while making drone’s behind and times out a baneling harass during his main zergling push to kill drones in Elazer’s natural base.

By doing this he creates time for himself to drone up and also pressure’s Elazer, killing a lot of drones with the baneling harass or getting a good baneling hit on the main attack would almost certainly mean the game was won by Dark however Dark gets neither of these but isn’t behind because he drone’s behind it and forces Elazer to make Zerglings to defend.

This build is difficult to play against because it can be difficult to know what units you are making. Many players will flood ling bane on 3 base, 2.5 saturation (See PiG’s 3 base aggression buid) so it is very easy to make too many defensive units against a build like this. When using the build it is important to identify a Zerg player who is over committing to defense since you will likely need to build more ling bane to defend your own third once they decide to attack. (You can keep sending in 2x banelings while they attack if you have the apm/ability too).


13 – Overlord
18 – Hatch
17 – Extractor @1:00 //18 – Hatch into 17 gas gets gas earlier for faster baneling nest after ling speed
17 – Spawning Pool
19 – Overlord
20 – 1x Queen, 1x Metabolic boost, 2x Zerglings, 1x Queen
29 – Baneling nest ~2:30
29 – 2x Zerglings //Send these lings to the outside of one of their bases (generally natural as it will have more drones) entrances to morph banes and use as multi-prong harass as your main ling force attacks another area.
30 – 1x Overlord
31 – Hatchery
32 – 16x Zerglings
40 – Morph the multi-prong banelings
40 – Restart Drone production make some banelings with your main zergling force
41 – Overlord
@100% Overlord 1x Queen at your natural to send to the third base //should be 43 or 44 supply

Dark’s timings:

@4:15 1x Extractor
@4:30 1x Evolution Chamber
@4:40 1x Roach Warren
@4:50 1x Extractor
@4:55 Lair
@100% Evolution chamber +1 Range
@100% Lair Glial Reconstitution
@5:45 1x Extractor


I put Dark’s timing due to ZvZ being a volatile match-up. Most of the time you will need to make things at a different time due to what your opponent is doing and how much they are droning. In this game, Elazer drone’s a lot so Dark is able to do the same and is at 60 workers by the 6:00 mark. However, if your opponent makes lots of lings because they think you are all-in or they commit to defense and decide to attack, you will need to make more ling bane to defend and delay the roach transition. If this is the case a spine crawler maybe helpful as well as more queen production. You can also do another ling bane wave with the multiprong banelings into the natural. Other wise, the beginning of the build can be followed without caring too much about what your opponent is doing (except for really aggressive builds like 13/12 or if they are doing 2 base play or a weird fast tech like mutas, each of these will require deviation in the build)

Art Credits Mr Jack, Deviant Art

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