Upcoming Patch Protoss Changes: Zerg Perspective

The official planned changes here

You can find my article on the Zerg changes here

In this article I will be going over my thoughts on the most significant changes to the Protoss with a Zerg perspective.


Chrono Boost

The change to chrono boost is relevant because it means that Protoss players can save energy and hit timings faster. This means that some attacks that were seen previously in ZvP could be hitting earlier as well as just basic timings such as one oracle. We will have to wait and see what timings become popular with this change in ZvP, but it may require Zergs to focus a little more on units than before. At the same time this will slightly worsen Protoss economy compared to what would be achieved with the current chrono boost. This is because some energy will have to be saved and not used on the nexus to produce probes but rather to be used on something like a stargate to get out a faster oracle.

Shield battery

The shield battery is a new Protoss structure that heals nearby friendly units shields. I think that the shield battery is difficult to analyze because there is nothing quite like it in sc2. We will have to see if there are all in early attacks that have shield batteries on the Zergs side of the map for offense as well as how good they will be at defending locations from attacks.


I personally still believe that the stalker isn’t as good as the zealot or the adept in ZvP. For this reason I don’t think much will change for Zergs because of this stalker change.


The disruptor is certainly not dead and while it will be killing fewer units/shot, it has also received a massive buff to its cool down time. The new disruptors can be powerful units, but are best against units like roaches which it can kill large amounts of at a time. I think that disruptors will continue to be nearly absent from ZvP unless much more roach/ravager play begins to develop in the match-up. Zerglings are just incredibly good at running into the purification novas and not allowing the disruptor to get strong hits.


The colossus change is likely to not be very relevant. The unit may get better against hydra baneling styles due to its increase in damage vs light, but because banelings are not light units the colossus likely won’t get to see too much more usage.

Edit: I am going to keep my original opinion there, but it appears as though the colossus change will have a much more significant impact when facing ling bane hydra styles. Enough so that I fully believe that ling bane ravager Zerg styles will resurface against Protoss.


I think the carrier change is certainly relevant, having to pay 5 more minerals/interceptor could allow zerg players with highly upgraded hydralisks to take down a skytoss player by eliminating all of the interceptors. Keep in mind this is a very difficult unit to counter.


I think the oracle needed a nerf as it was too powerful against zerg light units and their ground to air. All three of the oracle’s abilities are getting nerfed in the new patch. First, pulsar beam will be affected by armor values, second stasis trap will no longer affect eggs and larvae and have a 170 second timed life, lastly revelation will only last 30 seconds. The one thing the oracle has going for it is that chrono boost can get oracles out faster, this means that oracles can hit quite quickly, especially when proxied.

Mass Recall

Mass recall is a new ability on the Protoss nexus as well as mothership. It allows them to use 50 energy to recall their army over 4 seconds to the nexus or mothership which used the ability. In theory this version of the mass recall is more versatile than the old one and will give late-game Protoss players more versatility in being able to quickly teleport entire armies across the map. Zerg players will have to be more careful since it is easier for Protoss to snipe bases in the late-game and then recall their army to defend.

Mothership Core Removal

The removal of the mothership core is with out a doubt the biggest change the game is facing with this update. The entire early game of Protoss will have to be changed as all of their early defense revolved around photon overcharge and the mothership core.

I think without the mothership core Zerg has much more opportunity to be aggressive in the early game. It will likely become easier to cancel or snipe a Protoss’ third base as there will be no way to overcharge pylons nearby. In addition to this, zerglings are a good way to fight stalkers even with the stalker buff now, I think Protoss players will have to rely on zealots, adepts and sentries to defend early zergling based attacks which means the main unit buff to help defend early attacks won’t be very relevant.

Overall PvZ

It remains to be seen how effective the shield battery will be in defending early zergling attacks and pressure. I think Zerg will have many more opportunities to be aggressive with early zerglings to cancel third bases and even early attacks using drop overlords to maneuver around shield batteries to get damage done (or to force the Protoss to build more shield batteries) will turn into powerful strategies. At least at the start of the meta before Protoss players really have a grasp on what Zerg timing attacks are good and the optimal way of defending them.






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