Rule of 1 Gas

Remastered – Rule of 1 Gas – Adapted from PiG/Snute’s Rule of 1 gas

Original daily:

Some time ago, PiG made a video about Snute’s rule of 1 gas opening. The idea behind it is to delay gas and tech for a strong defense and strong economy. It abuses the crap out of OP queens and Zerg’s economic explosiveness.

This will focus more on the build itself, than the ling bane muta aspect in the original video.

Main goal: Enter the mid game with a beastly 70 or more drone economy.

Secondary goals: Shut down 211 and 4 medivac 1/1 follow up. Keep ahead of economic 1-1-1 openings.

Build Order

  • 13 – overlord
  • 17 – hatch
  • 18 – gas (around 75 minerals)
  • 17 – pool
  • rally next 2 drones to extractor and add manually add 1 drone when extractor finishes
  • 19 – overlord
  • 20/pool and hatch finishes – 2 queens 4 lings
  • 26/@100 gas – ling speed and pull off gas (send drones to nat)
  • 28 – hatch
  • @100% queen, 1 more queen at nat
  • inject with natural queen. If you were unable to get a 3rd hatch down at 28 (reaper), use your queen to escort a drone to the 3rd.
  • 33 – overlord
  • 36 – overlord
  • From here on, spend your larvae asap. Build queens and overlord when there is NOT 3 or more larvae on a hatch.
  • 45 – begin nonstop queen production
  • 3:30 – 3 drones back on gas, scout with lings
  • 4:45 – double evo. delayed against banshees to 5:15
  • @100% evos – +1/+1 (this will happen around when 211 initially hits so consider putting evos on a hotkey)
  • @3 base saturation – 3 to 5 extractors (depending on your midgame plan). A good timing is ~5:30, since by ~6:00 you will have enough drones to fully saturate both your gas and minerals.
  • 5:30 – bane nest and macro hatch
  • 6:00 – 4th base
  • @100 gas OR @300 gas if making 8 banes – Lair

To maximize drone count, always spend your larvae when a hatch hits 3 or more larvae bank. Do not build a queen right after an inject pops. Do not build 2 overlords before drones. Hold down the D key (or your drone hotkey) and only after you’ve built your drones, then build some overlords and queens.

Creep out from your 3rd because that is where Terran is most likely to hit. Then spread creep to the fourth so your queens and lings can defend it.

Against Hellions

Hellions can arrive around 4:00. 15 lings after hellions arrive. Mass drones and defend with a lot of queens. Spores at 4:30 in each base for banshees. If you do build spores, delay your evo until 5:15. There are a lot of variations of the hellion opening but queens defend everything so unless it’s a massive hellbat marine attack, make drones. Build no extra units except for queens.

Every 2 lings you build is free economic damage for Terran. Don’t build too many. Queens do not cost larvae while still defending almost every form of 1-1-1 aggression. To prevent hellion runby, spread creep wherever the hellions are NOT for warning when they rotate. Have queens ready to engage hellions. Use your 15 lings as backup to intercept hellion if they get past your queens.

Against 211

If you see large number of marines when scouting, then the Terran is doing 211. Make drones and queens until 4:30 (target 50 drones). Then make ~30 lings. Defend with your queens and lings.

Micro tips – Fight on creep. When marines attack queens, have your lings come in from the side as a tight pack (a line of lings trickling in is very bad), and move command behind the marines for wrap around. This makes it harder for the Terran to pick up. Target fire the medivacs with your queens.

Do not stop droning until at least ~6:00. Your target is to get around 66 drones at that time. If you took extra gases earlier you can start a lair and still have enough gas for banes. Replenish to ~40 lings if you need to and build 8 banes when baneling nest finishes. Resume making drones once you have enough army. Just after 6:30, 4 medivac 1/1 follow up hits. Engage with your banes all together and Terran will not be able to focus down 8 banes. Micro this as with the initial 2 medivac push.


Check out Snute vs Alive HSC on Ascension.

My replays – Old patch/ vs. Powerfoe (Masters 1):

My replays – New patch/ vs. Lokk (Low GM):


Snute – For pioneering this at a high level.

PiG – For coming up with this style, for the original Rule of 1 Gas Daily, and for editing this guide.

Powerfoe – Who has the best 211 & 4 medivac 1/1 followup outside of GSL. Also helping me refine my build.

Lokk – For high level practice games.

Art Charochai, Deviant Art

6 Replies to “Rule of 1 Gas”

  1. Thx for the build. I like it

    just didn’t undestand the importance of this step:

    inject with natural queen then use it to escort a drone to the third

    the point is to transfer the queen to the third or just “defend” the drone


    1. sinistral

      Oh crap my mistake. Gonna edit it. At first I was thinking of a 33 hatch in which case the reaper will be there to block but I was convinced to go 28 hatch and unless the reaper goes straight to the third, it will almost always get made unharassed.


  2. Thanks for the build. I just created the build on SALT. This is the string representation:

    %Rule of 1 Gas remastered||Delay gas and tech. Get a strong defense and economy|~) !?- D. C- I/ !?0 !@0 !@0 !C0 !C6 #J8 D: !@= !?@ !? #>!!! C %> C %> C %> C %> C %> A %> D & D & “#


  3. Also, a question: where it says “@3 base saturation – 3 to 5 extractors (depending on your midgame plan)” Can you elaborate on what are these midgame plans? Hydras and mutas? Anything else? How many gases do each of them need?



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