Overlord Pathing 2017 Season 4 Map Pool ZvT

Note: These may not be the perfect overlord paths. They will not spot everything, however they are solid overlord paths that will work well. No single overlord path is perfect.

How to read the images below:

  • The yellow line indicates the path for your first overlord (on catalyst there are 2 options for your first overlord, the second option is the blue line)
  • The pink line indicates the path for your second overlord
  • White circles indicate high ground locations for places near your first and second overlords. High ground locations allow your overlords to be protected against marines if your opponent doesn’t also have vision through flying units or an orbital scan.

Abyssal Reef



Abyssal Reef is the first map on the list. With these paths the Terran can proxy at the top above the first overlord path, however scouting that area is sacrificed for the scouting the left side of the map with the second overlord. The high ground location is a good spot for the second overlord to end up, as it gives you vision of the third base and can scout Terran units that are moving out.

Ascension to Auir

Ascension to Auir Ovie


The Terran can proxy to the left of the first overlord path on this map, but the most common proxies will happen on the second overlord path (which you will hopefully scout with). The first overlord ends up on a high ground location and the second overlord will come in to scout the Terrans production/tech.

Battle on the Boardwalk

Battle_on_the_Boardwalk_LE Ovie.jpg


On battle of the boardwalk, neither overlord will directly scout the gold base. To determine if the Terran has taken the gold base, first check the blue base natural with your first overlord. If there is no base there and no reaper, you can check up the ramp with a zergling to check their tech and check for a high ground base. If they do not have much production, they likely took the gold base. If they did make a reaper, it is fair to assume they have taken the gold base.

Black Pink

Blackpink_LE Ovie


The first overlord can be sent to the high ground to check the natural base. The second overlord will first check for proxies and then go and scout the Terrans production as well as if they have taken the low ground third base. The first overlord can scout if they take the high ground third base.


Catalyst_LE Ovie.jpg


Overlord 1 path 1 scouts the natural base and has a high ground location to scout the Terrans Natural wall. Overlord 1 path 2 will scout the natural and the wall and the move back to a high ground location to scout units/drops moving out on the map. Option 1 can also scout a potential third base location, but will not scout outgoing drops/units as well as option 2.

The second overlord path will scout for proxies and then scout the Terrans production as well as the low ground third base area.

Neon Violet Square

Neon_Violet_Square_LE Ovie


The first overlord path will go straight to the Terran base to Scout production, as there are many high ground areas near the Terrans base. The second overlord scouts for proxies and then sits near the destructible rocks. This is a good location to scout for units/drops leaving the Terrans base, is a safe location against marine openers and has a high ground spot close by to move to if needed.


Odyssey_LE Ovie 2


The first overlord is placed on the high ground pillar to scout for units and drops leaving and the second overlord path checks for proxies and then is sent to scout Terran production and be placed on the high ground pillar.

Third  and Fourth Overlords

The third, fourth and later overlords should be placed outside your base near important ramps or entry points. This is to see enemy units before they are right inside your natural/third base.

As an example, on ascension to auir the third overlord should cover the ramp to your natural base to see specific units like hellions or liberators as well as medivac drops.


Thanks to mYinsanity RiSky for helping me create these guides. He is a high GM EU player who offers coaching as well as streams on twitch. He created the overlord paths and edited the article.

RiSky SC2’s Coaching Page

RiSky SC2 Twitch

6 Replies to “Overlord Pathing 2017 Season 4 Map Pool ZvT”

    1. A few different reasons, the first overlord against terran has to be more conservative because they can go marine instead of reaper to try and snipe the overlords. Another reason is the second overlord against Protoss is delayed, so it wouldn’t scout in time, whereas the second overlord against Terran gets there much faster (because of watching for cannon rushes).


    2. it is kind of complicated. Basically if Terran goes for an early marine you can protect your overlords more, but if they don’t your second overlord can get in fine. secondly protoss gets a stalker out a bit later and need to rush it if you send your first one in. the biggest reason though is the second overlord is very delayed against protoss because it waits to check for a cannon rush. Whereas your second overlord isn’t nearly as late against terran.


    3. because T’s usually build Marines early on after first Reaper, and marines shoot up, while P need Cyber before they can build Stalker which also shoot up, but before that, they only have Zealous. So you will have a bit more time to scout P’s base before they can build Stalker to kill your Ovi


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