Overlord Pathing 2017 Season 4 Map Pool ZvZ

Note: These may not be the perfect overlord paths, they will not spot everything. However they are solid paths that will work well. No overlord path is perfect. These paths are for the ZvZ match-up.

How to read the images below:

  • The yellow line indicates the path for your first overlord
  • The pink line indicates the path for your second overlord
  • The red/orange circle indicates the third overlord placement
  • The black circle indicates the fourth overlord placement
  • The green circle indicates the fifth overlord placement

General Notes

The ZvZ overlord paths are all similar no matter which map you are playing on. Your first overlord will check their natural base to see if they have expanded and then move back to a place safe from queens and be able to spot incoming ling/bane or roach attacks. Generally there are 3 paths leading out of a base, so your aim is to cover two of these paths with your first overlord. Use your second overlord to wait until you spot their third base and then move back similar to the first overlord to cover the last path out of the opponents base. The third-fifth overlords are used defensively around your base to scout incoming attacks.

On some maps there are two potential spots for your fifth overlord. The spot in the middle of the map is meant to give you another opportunity to spot incoming units, while the one on the off path are meant to see baneling / zergling runbys.

The third and fourth overlord locations are interchangeable, you can put your third overlord in the fourth location and your fourth overlord in the third location.

Abyssal Reef

Abyssal_Reef_LE Ovie.jpg

Ascension to Auir

Ascension_to_Aiur_LE Ovie.jpg

Battle on the Boardwalk

Battle_on_the_Boardwalk_LE Ovie.jpg

Note: as an extra note for battle on the boardwalk, send your second overlord in to check the gold base if you don’t see a hatchery at the blue base natural. If there is no base at the blue natural, keep your first overlord there to scout incoming lings and wait for a natural base to be taken.

Black Pink

Blackpink_LE Ovie.jpg


Catalyst_LE Ovie.jpg

Neon Violet Square

Neon_Violet_Square_LE Ovie.jpg


Odyssey_LE Ovie.jpg


Thanks to mYinsanity RiSky for helping me create these guides. He is a high GM EU player who offers coaching as well as streams on twitch. He created the overlord paths and edited the article.

RiSky SC2’s Coaching Page

RiSky SC2 Twitch


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