Sc2 Swarm Team

Since the creation of the Sc2 Swarm Discord I have decided to start a community team to compete in community team leagues such as the CTL (Chobo Team league). The team has its own discord specifically for the team and has grown into a small group of players.

I wanted to create this community team to give players the ability and option to participate in some of the great community tournaments that operate. Competing in events and as a part of a team is certainly a different experience compared to ladder and in the discord you can receive specific 1-on-1 help from players who are equal or higher in level to you. We are looking for more players to participate in the CTL, in the gold-masters mmr range. If you are interested in participating in a team league and would like to play for the Sc2 Swarm team, you can join the Sc2 Swarm Discord and send a message in the Sc-Swarm-Team channel or PM me on discord @ Beardie#1925. Alternatively you can email however you will need to join the team discord to participate on the team.

The team has an in game clan which you will be a part of once you have joined the team which will give you the [ScSwrm] clan tag along with an in game icon next to your main hatcheries (but also command centers and nexus).



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