Discord Revamp


I am happy to announce that the Sc2 Swarm Discord server has recently gone through a revamp. Changes to the discord include:

  • New Sc2 Swarm logos (thanks to @halfcastgoon on instagram)
  • updated bot commands and bot features
  • updated channels
  • new and more official admin @edennil#5890
  • The official SC2 Swarm team is now housed within the main discord
  • Updated list of gm zerg streams to learn from as they go live

As always, its a place to ask questions and learn about StarCraft and Zerg in general and join and be a part of a larger zerg centric community. Additionally the #replay-analysis channel is available for players to post replays and other players, including myself, can watch and give help analyzing.

click the above discord image or here to join the discord

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