Merry Creepmas!

The Sc2 Swarm Hosted Christmas themed tournament will be happening Sunday December 16th at 2pm EST | 11am PST | 8pm CET | 6am AEDT,8,12,21&h=5&date=2018-12-16&sln=14-19

The tournament features a Christmas twist with a 7 snow themed maps in the map pool!

The tournament will have a $25 prize pool and be double elimination bo3 series with bo5 grand finals.

Anyone is able to sign up for the tournament here:

Matches will be streamed and casted on the official Sc2 Swarm twitch channel here:

The map pool is currently be discussed and will be updated once official

The $25 Prize pool will be split 20/5 for first/second place.

Bo3 up to finals.
Bo5 finals.

Bo3 Ban: ABAB, Pick: ABC
Bo5 Ban: ABAB, Pick: ABABC


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