Sc2 Swarm Community Team Recruiting!

Sc2Swarm is a passionate community united by the website Sc2Swarm and Discord.

In spite of our name, we welcome players from all races! If you are in the lower spectrum of the ladder, don’t be afraid to join us! We are primarily looking for players from Silver to Masters but any skill level is welcome. We will be here to help you improve no matter the race or skill level.

We compete in the VTL and CTL community leagues, in which are team leagues in which any player below Masters 1 can compete in fair matches. If you are interested in watching the CTL to learn more before joining, you can watch our matches in the Season 19 and Season 20 Grand final matches.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here and I can answer any questions/concerns. Otherwise, you can join our Discord and contact an admin. You can also contact me (Beardie#1925) on Discord for questions. If you are interested in joining the team, please join the discord server and fill out the form here.

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