Camera Location Hotkeys

Change the camera location hotkeys to F1-F8 and allow them to be set by either shift+Fkey or Control+Fkey whatever you feel most comfortable pressing. Set each camera location on each of your bases for injecting your hatcheries. If doing an all-in or timing attack it is also useful to set a camera location to the area you are attacking.

Camera location hotkeys are incredibly useful for inject hatcheries and defending bases. The earlier you get used to using them the better.

Control Groups

It is reasonable to change the 0 and 9 control groups to ~ and W respectively or another key that isn’t being used. This makes it easier to control more units at once with bigger armies by giving access to more control groups that are close to each other. Making the control groups that are far away from the rest of the useful keys easier to press. You can change as many control groups as you want, including 6-8 etc. as long as you can find a good key to use as a control group.


Patrol is useful and a good hotkey to change since it is defaulted to P which is generally difficult to press quickly. Keys such as Q, Z or E are good options for patrol.

Melee Upgrades and Metabolic Boost

The default is M which isn’t the worst key to press, however I would recommend changing it to something like Z or something that is closer to the left side of the keyboard.

B and V

These are two important keys for building structures as well as injecting hatcheries. I personally have remapped them to the two buttons on my mouse, if you have this luxury I think B and V are great keys to have mapped to the mouse for starcraft. Control and Shift are also options for mouse buttons, or really whatever you like the most. This is up to you.

Rapid Fire Hotkeys

I recommend setting up rapid fire for the corrosive bile, caustic spray, infested terran and consume unit abilities. This allows you to hold down the key to spam abilities without clicking. If you don’t hold the key down and just press it you can use it like normal for more accuracy in the instance that is needed.

To set up rapid fire hotkeys bind an alternate to “choose ability or target” that is the same as another command (such as C for corrosive bile, caustic spray and consume).

Swap Shift-Alt+Shift and Alt-Control

This will make it so that you can’t have one unit on two different control groups. This can be useful for defending drops, splitting your army and doing counter attacks.

The settings to change are:
Create Control Group 1 and Steal >> Ctrl+1
Create Control Group 1 >> Alt+1
Add to Conrol Group 1 and Steal >> Shift+1
Add to Control Group 1 >> Alt+Shift+1
For all 10 Control groups.