Unit Spotlight

Unit Spotlight: Blog Series

This unit spotlight is designed to be a place for all Zerg unit Statistics as well as analysis on how each unit performs in-game. There will be a blog post for each unit that is listed here and each post will contain information on the unit in the spotlight. The information will include units that the unit is strong and weak against, abilities and uses for the unit and where the unit is seen in the meta. This is meant to be a series that assist players getting into the game to get to know the different Zerg units as well as understand uses for them in-game. With that being said, the information contained in each article could be useful for a wide range level of players.

Zerg Tech Tree


This is the Zerg tech tree which includes all of the Zerg structures and units that can be created once each structure is complete.

Spotlight Blog Posts

Overlord / Overseer
Infestor – To be completed
Swarm Host – To be completed
Ultralisk – To be completed
Mutalisk – To be completed
Corruptor – To be completed
Viper – To be completed
Broodlord – To be completed
Spine/Spore Crawler – To be completed
Nydus Worm – To be completed