Zerg vs Protoss

Timings and Reactions

Timings and Reactions (Also see Roach Hydra Guide for more timings and reactions)

Meta Build Orders

Standard Builds

ZvP Standard Roach Guide

Timing Attacks

Blizzcon 2017 Rogue’s 2 Base Nydus Swarm Host

Scarlett Series 1: Hatch Block Roach Ravager Timing

All-In Attacks

Blizzcon 2017 Rogue’s 2 base Nydus All-in

Dark/PiG/Railgan’s 19 Drone Roach ling All-In

Out of Date Build Orders

54 Drone Hydra Ling Timing/All-In

Dark’s Roach Burrow Attack

Standard Ling Bane Hydra

Economic Ling Bane Hydra Lurker 4.0

Roach Hydra Guide


2018 Season 2 Map Pool ZvP Overlord Paths

Ground Carapace Upgrades

Match-up Overview


The ZvP match up often revolves around mid-game timing attacks from Zerg players with early game attacks or timings from Protoss players with huge late-game fights that quite often favor the Protoss army.

When left untouched, Zerg players can ramp up their economy faster than any other race because of the larvae mechanic. This means when facing  Protoss opponent they will often try to find ways of dealing harass damage before the Zerg is able to make a large army off of a strong economy. These forms of harassment damage can come in the form of Dark Templar or Archon drops, Oracle(s) attacks on workers Glaive Adept timing attacks as well as others.

If the Zerg defends well they will come out ahead, often being able to display powerful counter attacks that pressure the Protoss until the late game. Currently these attacks are most often Baneling Hydra focused however there are some examples of success using roaches and swarmhosts.

In the lategame Zerg has a difficult time due to powerful Protoss air units, primarily the carrier and mothership. These armies are difficult to deal with due to a lack of strong anti-air units that zerg has access too.

The most effective and standard macro oriented way to deal with Protoss as a Zerg player is to deflect early attacks, ramp up your economy and then put heavy pressure on Protoss until they crack or you can tech to stronger units while delaying lategame tech.

Professional Zerg vs Protoss in Legacy of the Void

The early days of Zerg vs Protoss in Legacy were redefined during the 2016 Season 1 SSL Finals between Dark and Stats.

Dark reinvented the Zerg style with many banelings and baneling drops, something unheard of previously.

The match up had adapted by early 2017 when the power of carriers was increased after the blizzcon finals and late-game skytoss seemed unbeatable.

Currently in late 2017 heading into the 2017 WCS Finals, the match-up has landed on bane hydra as well as oracles popular choices. The most exciting matches of ZvP recently occurred in the GSL Super Tournament 2 where Rogue took on herO.

And just to stay up to date on the Dark vs Stats rivalry, after defeating Classic and Dear two powerful Protoss opponents Dark faced Stats again in the finals of SSL S2 2017 Premier: