54 Drone Hydra Ling Timing/All-In ZvP

Professional Vod

Master’s Coliseum 2 Ro.8 soO vs Hurricane Game 1

Vod Analysis

In this match soO completely stomps Hurricane with this timing. Hurricane plays this game too greedy without getting nearly enough units to hold the attack. The match is very straightforward and showcases the power of going for this type of attack.

In this vod when soO sees the first adept crossing the map he adds an extra 2x lings to have four to push back the adept with queen support. Hurricane goes stargate, soO scouts this and has spore crawlers ready for the 4:00 timing the first oracle hits at. soO ends up droning up to 60 before massing Ling Hydra and then just walks over Hurricane with the ling Hydra attack. SoO targets the pylon powering 2 gateways with his Hydralisks at the beginning of the attack which significantly hinders Hurricanes ability to defend, losing 2 gateways and a pylon to overcharge.

Build Order

13 – Overlord
17 – Hatch
18 – Gas
17 – Pool
20 – Overlord
@100% Pool 2x Lings 2x Queens Metabolic Boost //take 2 drones off of gas
30 – Hatch
33 – Overlord
33 – Queen
@100 Gas Lair ~3:40
@4:00 2x Extractor //Put 2 drones back on gas
@4:30 1x Extractor
@100% Lair Hydralisk Den
@100% Hydra Den muscular augments
@100% Muscular augments attack with lings and hydras
@54-60 Drones only Ling Hydra production use all of your gas for Hydras and the rest of your larvae on Lings


This build is designed to stop droning around 54-60 and then mass Zerglings and Hydralisks to attack as muscular augments finishes and before protoss can reach storm. Banelings can be added but are not necessary, getting banelings greatly reduces the amount of Zerglings and Hydras that you can reach at the timing however they can be a good choice if the Protoss researches charge early.

If a significant amount of damage is done to transition out of this build start drone production a baneling nest as well as a fourth base.

In the vod soO gets an evolution chamber @6:00 for +1 range. To transition start upgrades as soon as possible. Generally +1 range is better to get first due to usually having more hydras as well as not having banelings.