Dark’s Roach Burrow Attack ZvP

4.0 Update

This build will not work nearly as effectively as before as the Protoss can place a shield battery in each mineral line which buys a ton of time for them to get detection out.

Pro Vod

Twitch – Master’s Coliseum 2 2017 Dark vs Stats Abyssal Reef

Vod Anaylsis

This Vod excellently shows the power of this build.

Dark makes is second base at the third location after going pool first and getting blocked by the probe. This doesn’t end up having much effect on the game, but could have been useful for stats later on due to roaches and queens being so slow without creep. Dark ends up losing a few workers to an adept but surrounds it with drones for a kill, only losing 4 drones.

When dark’s attack hits Stats has an oracle finishing and is up 13 workers from the adept attack. However Dark’s drop overlord finishes at the perfect time and he is able to lift 3 roaches into stat’s main and run down the adept holding the wall with the rest of his roaches.

Now that stats has no way to grant vision of all of the roaches, he doesn’t even use revelation to reveal some of them and the robotics facility is no where in sight. With some simple burrow micro, dark begins getting probe kills (13 before Stats taps out) and has already begun to transition with 4 more drones on the way. Note: Dark makes more roaches then he had to, after the 7-8 roaches he could have just made drones and still got enough damage done to be ahead. He has 3 roaches in the production tab as he wins the game, and could easily be ahead of stats in worker count had he made a few less roaches and more drones after the initial 7-10 Roaches.

Build Order


13 – Overlord
17 – Gas
17 – Pool
17 – Hatch (18 Hatch if they pylon/probe block)
@100% Pool 2x Zerglings + 1x Queen //After Injecting the main send to natural
22 – Roach warren
22 – Overlord
@100% queen burrow
22 – Overlord
@100% Roach Warren 4x roach
30 – Evo chamber
29 – 3-4 Roaches
@100% Evo chamber morph drop overlord
37 – Queen + Go back to making drones and transition. If the rush is going well you can consider making more roaches to keep up the pressure.


The goal of the build is to split two different roach armies in the Protoss base, one using a drop overlord and other roaches just attacking the front. Since the Protoss has trouble getting constant detection off of stargate, burrow allows you to use burrow micro effectively to get a lot of use out of each roach.

At some point off of making roaches you will not have enough gas, at this point just get a second queen and make drones to transition with the extra minerals/larvae. You can pull the drones off gas at this point or keep mining gas and rally roaches with that only using the excess minerals/larvae to transition.