Standard Ling Bane Hydra ZvP


Looking to update this build and working on finding a vod that showcases it well. This build isn’t that well optimized and needs some work/updates.


13 – Overlord //Send first overlord to scout their ramp to see natural + tech
17 – Hatchery
18 – Extractor
17 – Pool
19 – Overlord
20 – 2x Queen (send 20th drone from main to the third base gas geyser)
24 – Metabolic Boost
24 – 2x Zergling
28 – Hatchery
33 – Overlord
36 – Overlord
44 – 2x Queen

Standard Timings

@100% Queen and 100 gas Pneumatic Carapace (Overlord Speed) //this is used to scout but can also be used for baneling drops later in the game
@4:00 1x Evo Chamber
@ 100% Evo Chamber +1 Melee
@5:00 Lair
@5:01 1x Extractor
@5:10 Baneling Nest
@100% Lair Centrifugal Hooks
@100% Lair Hydralisk Den
@100% Hydralisk Den Muscular Augments
@100% +1 Melee +2 Melee
@5:45-6:30 4th Base and Macro Hatch + Queen for Macro Hatch
@5:45-6:00 4x Extractor



Your mid-game composition against Protoss while using ling bane hydra should have a higher concentration of hydralisks compared to using ling bane hydra against Terran. Against Protoss, their powerful mid-game units consist often of archons and immortals, units which can take a lot of baneling hits and archons can deal with zerglings effectively.

However banelings are very powerful against Chargelots and gladepts. This means that if they have charge or glaive and are making lots of zealots or adepts you will need to add in more ling bane.

Keep in mind that using zerglings to reinforce one of your pushes is a good idea, but you need to be making at least some of them into banelings so that the Protoss can not clear all of your hydras with zealots.


In the late-game the two most common tech paths against ICA (immortal, chargelot, archon) are broodlords and lurkers. Lurker timings can be incredibly powerful however they are short window time periods where they work well. Lurkers have reduced effectiveness once the Protoss has storm, and any Protoss with a robotics bay can make disruptors to fight against the lurkers. Additionally, a Protoss that has started a carrier transition can deal with lurkers if they have enough carriers to push back your hydralisks.

Broodlords have a much longer window where they are only reduced in effectiveness once the Protoss has made a skytoss transition to tempest or carriers and they require a spire which allows you to make corruptors to fight a skytoss army. Broodlords are powerful options against ICA because archons are the only unit that can target them and because broodlords don’t clump together much and have big areas, the archons have a tough time dealing enough damage. Additionally due to the long range of the broodlord, they can kite archons and use broodlings to surround reducing the movement of the archon and creating distance between them and the broodlord.


While Ling Bane Hydra is a very defensive composition against Terran, it needs to be used offensively and aggressively against Protoss. Due to Protoss having the superior late-game, mid-game timing attacks and pushes are important for Zerg to be able to win, either directly due to the mid-game push or in the late-game because the push was able to deal damage.

Any Bane Hydra push that is able to destroy a Protoss 4th base or kill a significant amount of workers will put the Zerg player very far ahead assuming that your army traded somewhat efficiently against the Protoss.