Zerg vs Terran

Timings and Reactions

Timings and Reactions

Meta Build Orders

Standard Builds

Ling Bane Hydra Guide

Rule of 1 Gas

Pool First ZvT Opening

Timing Attacks

Ling Bane Fast Ultra (Mostly Standard Build but getting the fast ultras also makes it a timing attack)

Scarlett Series 2: Fast +1 Melee Baneling Bust

All-In Attacks

The ABC Build(All-in Battlecruiser Counter) (Ravager Ling)

soO’s 1 Base Ravager All-In

Out of Date Builds

Standard Ling Bane Hydra

Dark’s Ravager Ling Queen Timing (for the updated version, see The ABC Build)

Article and Analysis

Hydralisk vs Mutalisk

Match-Up Overview


The Zerg vs Terran match-up is seemingly opposite to the Zerg vs Protoss match-up when playing against bio strategies. Terran have powerful mid-game timings and pushes that they can do to heavily hinder the Zerg and eventually win the game. From the Zerg perspective, getting to hive and ultralisk tech eventually swings the game as long as the Zerg can keep a strong economy. Ultralisks are incredibly powerful against bio armies and require a lot of investment, micro and resources to defeat as a Terran player.

Against mech strategies, Zerg and Terran often go toe to toe. Bane Hydra and swarmhost based strategies are powerful against Terran but it is nearly impossible to attack into a Terran mech player who has many siege tanks and hellbats. Vipers and Broodlords are powerful lategame units against mech and they can help Zerg players to crack the Terran while liberator range, vikings, siege tanks and thors often make up the majority of late game mech armies.

Professional Zerg vs Terran in Legacy of the Void

Some of the greatest series in legacy of the void have been this match-up. With the strongest players including Dark, TY, INnoVation, Rogue, Gumiho, soO, byun, Maru and Solar with incredible play throughout legacy of the void.

Notable series include:

Dark vs Byun WCS Global Finals

soO vs TY GSL S1 Quarter-Finals 2017

Dark vs INnoVation GSL S3 Semi-Finals 2017

Rogue vs INnoVation GSL ST 2 Semi-Finals