Dark’s Ravager Ling Queen Timing ZvT

Professional Vods

Dark vs TY GSL Season 3 2017 Ro.8 Game 3 Mech Depot

Dark vs Bunny GSL Super Tournament 2 Ro.16 Game 1 Odyssey Game 2 Newkirk Precinct

Vod Analysis


Dark does two slightly different variations of the same build here. Against TY and in the second game against Bunny he goes hatch first while in the first game against Bunny he does a 17-17-17 Gas-Pool-Hatch. Going pool first allows you to make two lings as soon as the pool finishes and run around the reaper onto the map to delay the Terran’s natural expansion if they go for reactor after reaper on their barracks.

Dark takes an earlier third hatch as well as earlier tech (roach warren and evo chamber and extractors) against TY than against Bunny in either match, this is because he sends his drone out earlier against TY so that the reaper can’t kill the drone before the hatchery is placed.

This build is based around a timing attack that hits with 8-15 Ravagers as well as many speedlings being railed to the opponents base with a 3 Queen drop as support against air units like liberators and ravens between 6:00-6:15. If either TY or Bunny would have made cloak banshee, Dark would have needed a lair 70 seconds before his attack such that he could make an overseer to allow the queens to target the banshee.

Ravagers are good because they do not count as armored units which means they can take a siege tank shot or two, especially with a transfuse from a queen. This trait is similarly shared with your attacking queens making stopping this push with only a tank or two nearly impossible. Ravagers require 3 shots to kill a tank, so just remember to get vision of them (with the dropper lord or speedlings) and target them down quickly so you can focus on any bunkers the Terran might have.


Hatch First

13 – Overlord
17 – Hatch
18 – Gas
17 – Pool
19 – Overlord
20 – 2x Queens
24 – 4x zerglings
26 – Metabolic boost
28 – Hatchery
31 – Queen
33 – Overlord
36 – Overlord
@3:40 Roach Warren
@100 Gas Pneumatized Carapace
@4:00 2x Extractor
@100% 4:15 Evolution Chamber
48 – 2x Queen
@100% Roach Warren 8-12x Roaches
@100% Evolution chamber 1x dropper lord at home
Put 3 Queens in the Dropper lord and send it to attack
Use all gas to make Ravagers
Constant Speedling production

Pool First

13 – Overlord
17 – Gas
17 – Pool
17 – Hatch
@100% Pool 1x Queen 2x Lings metabolic boost
22 – Overlord
@100% Queen 1x Queen
@100% Hatch 1x Queen
@100 Gas Overlord Speed
@3:30 – 3rd Hatchery
@4:00 Roach Warren
@100% Hatchery 1x Queen
@4:15 2x Extractor
@4:30 Evo Chamber
@100% Roach Warren 8-12 Roaches
@100% Evolution chamber 1x dropper lord at home
Put 3 Queens in the Dropper lord and send it to attack
Constant Zerling Production
Use all gas to make Ravagers


This build is very powerful due to corrosive bile as well as having access to queen anti air. It hits around 5:45 off of ~40 drones with 8-12 Ravagers 3 Queens and constant zergling production.  Important things to remember:

  • Target Tanks with corrosive bile first and bunkers second
  • Don’t over-bile tanks! Corrosive bile is crucial for this attack to work, only use 3 per tank
  • Target any flying units with the queens
  • Remember you can transfuse the dropper lord or elevate units to high ground
  • Constant Zergling Production at home
  • Make overlords before your Roach Warren finishes
  • If you deal enough damage you can transition into roach raver infestor, ling bane hydra, or roach hydra at home (depending on how much damage and how much army you lose). Just remember to restart drone production
    • Enough damage is approximately ~12 scv’s or 1 CC/OC + some number of SCV’s or delayed mining