Ling Bane Fast Ultra ZvT

Professional Vod

Master’s Coliseum 2 Ro.8 Dark vs Gumiho Game 2 Ascension to Auir


13 – Overlord
17 – hatch
19 – Gas
18 – Pool
20 – Overlord
@100% Pool 2x Queen 4x Lings 1x Metabolic Boost
30 – Hatch
32 – Queen
34 – Overlord
36 – Overlord //You can get a fourth Queen instead of 2x Drones here
44 – Overlord


@4:30 Bane Nest
@4:45 2x evolution chamber
@5:00 Lair
@Lair starting 3x Extractor
@100% Lair Infestation pit
@100% Lair Centrifugal Hooks
@100% Evo Chambers +1 Melee / +1 Carapace
@100% Infestation Pit Hive ~6:30
@100% Hive Ultralisk Cavern
@100% Hive Adrenal Glands
@100% Ultralisk Cavern Chitenous Plating
@100% +1 Melee/+1 Carapce +2 Melee/+2 Carapace


Powerful build that skips T2 Tech to rush Ultralisks which are often the unit that allows zerg to pull the match back into their favor. Rely on Ling Bane Queen for defense until Ultras, lots of queens are powerful since they will be used for transfuse on the ultras in the Future. After getting Ultras, scout the terran for liberator production, if they
are producing liberators get spire and produce corruptors.

With this build you need to focus on droning and Queen production in the early to
mid-game. The faster you get to 75-80 drones the more Ultras you will be able to afford.
Since almost every Terran timing attack in the mid-game can be held with some combination of Queens, Zerlings and Banelings this build can often safely get to fast Ultras. The downside to this build is that it has little offensive potential until Ultralisks start hatching.

Potential Reactions to Ultralisk Counters

  • Against Ghosts a few infestors for fungal growth is good since you already have the infestation pit for them. Hitting ghosts with a fungal entirely reduces their damage potential just be careful of your infestors losing energy to an emp.
  • If they are going for mech you can make swarm hosts as a tier two unit and delay hive, switch to Hydra Viper or get early broodlords. Standard mech play should be scouted early on so you can respond to it in whichever way you feel most comfortable with. I would recommend not continuing this build however since Ultras aren’t as good against tanks, thors and liberators as they are against bio and units such as Hydralisks and Swarm hosts are important for defeating a mech player.
  • Since you have such an early hive, you can make vipers to parasitic bomb medivacs, liberators and vikings or abduct/blinding cloud siege tanks. Vipers are a good unit to add to the composition once your hive tech has been started.