soO’s 1 Base Ravager All-In ZvT

Professional Vod

GSL S1 2017 Ro.8 soO vs TY Match 4 Abyssal Reef

Build Order

12 – Pool

14 – Extractor //put 2 drones on gas

14 – Extractor //put 2 drones on gas

14 – Roach Warren @100% Spawning Pool

13 – Pair of Zerglings //Send them along a non-reaper path to kill scv building nat CC

14 – 2x Overlord

14 – 3x Roaches @100% Roach Warren //Morph into ravagers immediately. Once you have started making the roaches, put one more drone on each gas geyser

20 – 3x Ravagers

23 – Constant Roach Ravager production //after your 4th Ravager begins morphing you can move 1-2 drones back onto minerals


Make Sure to have 1-3 overlords at their base ramp so that your ravagers

Have vision and you can use corrosive bile up the ramp onto the bunkers/supply depots/addons/tanks. If you do a lot of damage and can transition make sure to take all the drones off gas for 100% mineral income, expand quickly and get a queen. Enough damage is at minimum killing/cancelling the natural and ~10 scv’s +any number of supply depot/addon kills