Zerg vs Zerg

Timings and Reactions

Timings and Reactions

Meta Build Orders

Standard Builds

Blizzcon 2017 Dark’s Macro Ling Bane Pressure

Timing Attacks

PiG’s 3 Base Aggression

Scarlett Series 4: Safe/Aggressive Opening

All-In Builds


3 Hatch Before Pool Cheese

15 Hatch Mass Speedling All-in + Defense

Out of Date Build Orders

There are no out of date ZvZ builds

Match-up Overview


The Zerg vs Zerg match-up is incredibly volatile and often very aggressive. The best Zerg players will pressure other Zergs heavily with ling bane or roach styles. Often you will find Zerg’s trying to slowly increase their tech as they either pressure or defend. Most standard Zerg vs Zerg games start with both players using Ling Bane and slowly transition to Roach Ravager army compositions.

From Roach Ravager it is possible to add on mutalisks, hydras and lurkers as well as teching to ultralisks or broodlords. Often times players, especially in the foreign scene, will add infestors to fungal the enemy roach ravager army and land many corrosive biles.

When playing against Zerg it is generally ideal to play as if you are playing against Zerg over playing as you are Zerg. Often when playing Zerg you want to play defensive against Terran and Protoss and drone up until you have an unstoppable economy and never-ending army. In Zerg vs Zerg while you can play from either side it is often advantageous to try and stop your opponent from getting to that point before trying to drone to get to that unstoppable point.

Professional Zerg vs Zerg in Legacy of the Void

Zerg vs Zerg is usually one of the least popular match up’s to watch, however ling bane micro is often impressive and entertaining along with corrosive bile ravager micro. The match up hasn’t changed much throughout the time in legacy of the void.

With that being said here are some of the most entertaining Zerg vs Zerg matches from legacy of the void:

Dark vs Solar SSL Season 2 2016

Serral vs Nerchio IEM Katowice

Rogue vs soO GSL Season 2 2017