13/12 ZvZ

Professional Vod

Dark vs soO GSL Super Tournament 2 2017 Match 2 Ascension to Auir

Build Order

13 – Extractor
12 – Pool
14 – Overlord
14 – 2x Zerglings
15 – Metabolic Boost
17 – 2x Zerglings
18 – Queen
18 @50 gas – Baneling Nest (use one drone mining gas so you have 2 mining)
17 – 8x Zerglings
21 – Overlord
21 – 2x Zerglings
Constant Zergling production, make banelings when your bane nest finishes

Pool 6-10 lings before sending them out. Send them across the map outside of the opponents overlord vision. You want to get the queen and metabolic boost first but you stagger in making lings so that you don’t waste larvae. If you avoid overlord vision you will show up with 6+ lings as well as 6+lings on the way and can morph 3-5 banelings just outside of their base while attacking with the rest of your lings. It is hard to be prepared for this attack without scouting it and the banelings will likely win the game. Don’t be scared to retreat with some of your initial lings and regroup while you morph banes.