3 Hatch Before Pool ZvZ Cheese

Professional Vod

Dark vs soO GSL ST 2 2017 Ro.8 Game 3 Newkirk Precinct

Build Notes:

Despite being incredibly economic focused I personally consider this build a cheese build. This is because you will almost certainly lose if your opponent goes for a 13/12 or 14 Pool aggressive attack. The build gets almost no early defenses for aggressive 13/12 or 14/14 attacks and that is why I consider it a cheese (because it is incredibly non-standard and will auto lose to certain builds). However with that being said, this build will go into the mid-game with an inherent advantage over any standard hatch-gas-pool builds. It is generally very easy to overwhelm your opponent if you can get to the mid-game and flood lings or build a roach ravager army.


13 – Overlord
17 – Hatchery
19 – Hatchery
18 – Extractor
17 – Pool
24 – 2x Queen
28 – Metabolic Boost
28 – 4x Zerglings
30 – Overlord (Your faster third hatch will allow you to take a later overlord, this means you have an extra 100 minerals and 1 larvae for 2 faster drones)


Once you are done the opening build, if you are still alive you just need to react accordingly to your scouting. Your opponent will be doing one of three things most of the time.

  1. Playing Greedy to catch up to you economically
    • If this is the case, you should be able to just mass ling bane and kill your opponent due to your currently superior economy and the fact that they are trying to drone up.
  2. Playing aggressively to ruin your economic advantage
    • If this is the case you just need to make ling bane to defend your opponents attacks. You should be able to get an early economic lead and then make enough ling bane to defend opponent attacks.
  3. Teching up to lair for a tech based advantage to catch you off guard
    • Either spire for mutalisks or a queen roach nydus all-in most likely. If you are facing mutalisks you can play somewhat greedy still, focus on teching up to lair for hydralisks and make enough ling bane to survive any ling bane attack that might hit you. Just remember to make lots of defensive queens and 1-2 spore crawler at each base.
    • Against Queen Roach Nydus, note that 3 banelings will kill the nydus worm as it appears. Against Queen Nydus your best defense is Queens and Roaches along with any way to kill the Nydus worm as fast as possible.

3 Hatch before pool