PiG’s 3 Base Aggression ZvZ

PiG Daily Vods

Note: All credit goes to PiG here. He does a lot of great content for all races and StarCraft in general, highly recommended.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Build Order

13 – Overlord
17 – Hatchery
18 – Extractor
17 – Spawning Pool
19 – Overlord
20 – 2x Queen
24 – 4x Zergling
26 – Metabolic Boost
30 – Hatchery
31 – Baneling Nest //Use a Drone off of gas to make the baneling nest
33 – Overlord
33 – Constant Ling Bane Overlord Production


With this build you have a lot of options to transition into roaches or mutas. Essentially just go with whatever you think is best depending on the game/what you are comfortable with. The build is really good at putting on pressure and will often just win games if your ling bane micro is good. One thing to watch out for is a wall with a roach warren + 1 queen +2 evo chambers. This will be very difficult to break and you will often lose by just making ling bane from this point. What you need to do is start making drones and transition to roach/ravager or mutas while stopping your opponent from getting a third base as long as possible. Make sure to scout for potential spire or nydus network as well using an overseer when you finish lair or sacing an overlord.